Below are the questions we're most commonly asked about our auctions. If your question isn't answered below, feel free to e-mail us or call the office at (413) 786-1744.

How do I register to bid?
New bidders are always welcome here at Crowley's! Anyone age 18 or over can obtain a bidder number whether you live in MA or not. Simply visit the auction office upon arrival and present a valid photo ID and major credit (NOT DEBIT) card as a credit reference. The office staff will take care of the rest, and get you set up to start bidding within minutes. Or simply complete our easy NEW BIDDER ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM at least 3 days before the auction date.

What types of horses sell at your auction?

Every shape, size, color, and breed you can imagine! Kids ponies, minis, drafts, cutting and reining horses, hunter/jumpers, dressage horses, quiet trail mounts, pleasure horses, barrel racers, eventers... you name it, we've had it at our sale. Even donkeys and mules too. We've seen horses sell from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands! There is definitely something for everyone and every budget!

What does it mean if a horse is sold guaranteed sound?
​All guarantees are strictly between buyer and seller. We act as agents only.
FOR THE BUYER, it means that the horse they are buying will have sight out of both eyes, hit the ground sound on all four legs, and does not crib. (However, a seller may sell a horse sound with the exception of cribbing IF he announces that the horse cribs while it is in the ring, before the fall of the gavel.) Buyer has 72 hours from time of sale to conduct a vet check ON THE PREMISES ONLY to verify soundness. If horse leaves the premises before obtaining a vet check, the guarantee is VOIDE.
FOR THE SELLER, when a horse is guaranteed sound to the buyer at a Sunday sale, the buyer has until noon on Wednesday to dispute the fact that the horse is sound. Vet check will be conducted on the premises at 32 Shoemaker Lane. Your check will then be drafted after 72 hours depending on vet check. If horse does not pass veterinary inspection, seller is still responsible for paying the 8% unsold commission to Crowleys.

I won't be able to make it to the auction but I still want to bid on a horse I saw.. what can I do?
We would be happy to help you in a situation like this. Simply complete our online New Bidder Registration Form. Let us know which horses you'd like us to bid for you on your behalf. Please be patient as it may take a moment to load the form!

What forms of payment do you accept?
When paying your auction bill, we accept cash and all major credit or debit cards (with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express logo). We only accept checks from customers who have previously paid with a good check, at the discretion of the Crowleys.

What facilities are available at your auction house?
When it's cold outside, we have heaters running inside the barn. There are clean restrooms, vendors selling food and refreshments, many bleacher seats available​, and plenty of free parking (with space for your trailer too!).

How long do I have to pick up my horse after I purchase it at the auction?
Most folks take their purchases home with them at the end of the sale, and we have plenty of hands to help you load up after you've paid in the office. Buyers have until end of business (4pm) the day after an auction to pick up any horses they've purchased. After that point, a $20 per day boarding fee will be charged per animal. While your animal is on our property, we do not assume any liability for any sickness, injury, or death.
​However, if buyer has purchased a horse guaranteed by seller as SOUND, and buyer wants to conduct a veterinary inspection, horse MUST remain on the premises until veterinary inspection is complete. After that point, a $20 per day boarding fee will be charged per animal. While your animal is on our property, we do not assume any liability for any sickness, injury, or death.

How do I get my horses home if I don't have a trailer?
Shipping is entirely the responsibility of the buyer. However, there are always folks with trailers attending our sales. We can help set you up with someone at the sale who may be able to haul your horse for you but we recommend making plans ahead of