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"SARAH" - GRADE Mare13.2hh

Sarah is a good-moving, cute gray pony. She would be great for games or performance events. Sarah neck reins, has a good stop, and rides nicely. She isn’t going to run away with you and is respectful. This is a fun little mare that would really work for you. She also does great on the trail and doesn't spook.

"MONTANA" - GRADE '03 Gelding15hh

Montana will surprise you. He has his winter coat right now, but when he finishes shedding out he is going to be a looker. Not only that, but he really rides. This horse is handy, and will really move off your leg. You say the word, “whoa” and he will stop and sit down for you. He backs and will really travel when you ask him to. This is a horse you can really use! He also rides nicely on the trail and doesn't spook: goes along just as nice as you please.

"FIONA"- GRADE Mare 13.1hh

Fiona is super cute, and she will ride nicely for you too. She neck reins, stops and backs. She is also a very sweet pony and likes people; she’s the kind that wants to be your friend. Would work for a kid or beginner as she is very gentle. She’s not going to run off or has a desire to act foolish. Just a nice mare in a pretty little package. 

CNF DUALIN LENA - AQHA '07 Gelding  15.2hh

When a breeder sets out to make the perfect quarter horse, this is the horse they are trying to make. Coming in just between 15.2h and 15.3h, he's the perfect height. Dualin is also just about as broke as they come; he is handy. If you want to stop on a dime, or do some sliding, he's who you want. He rides with your seat, spins circles and moves off rein and leg just how you'd like him to. Dualin rides great in the ring and out on the trail too! He's got big feet, is thick made, has a sweet and gentle disposition, and is the handsomest horse in Florida on top of it all! This is as good as it gets! 

He goes back to SMART LITTLE LENA on top and DUAL PEP on bottom.  A TRUE STAR!
WHIZITS LUNA ROSA - AQHA '08 Mare 15.1hh

This is one super mare.  She has the greatest disposition and she rides amazingly well.  She is a finished reiner that knows everything that comes with it.  LUNA will sit down and stop, move off your leg, and spin a hole in the ground.  And on top of it all, she's a beautiful buttermilk buckskin with TOPSAIL WHIZ as a Grandsire.

LENAS LECTRIC DUAL - AQHA '06 Gelding 14.1hh

Lectric is a cute fancy bay gelding. He is a finished cutting horse, and rides like a performance horse ought to. He is super light to rein, has a great stop, and will almost run backwards. He’ll spin fast, and really move off your leg. Lectric really is a nice little horse, and bred right! 

Below, check out Lectric's grand-sire: one of the BEST CUTTING HORSES EVER - DUAL PEP! 

 A BLACK TIE EVENT - APHA '04 Mare 15.1hh

This is one fancy mare! She is a stunning black and white paint who rides with a perfect headset at all gates. She will get you noticed in the show ring or wherever you ride her. She neck reins, stops, backs, and will move off your leg. Black Tie has amazing confirmation; she’s one you won’t want to miss.
Sweetheart is a super cute, quiet mare who rides very smooth. She has a gentle, personable disposition and is easy to get along with. She has nice big solid feet, and could go any way you like.

"ANNIE" - GRADE '95 Mare14.3hh
 This mare has undoubtedly seen it all. Don’t let her age fool you. This mare has a lot of life. She has more energy than most 10 year olds. Annie has a great neck rein and has worked at sorting. She would be a great one to learn performance events on, and also rides quietly on the trails.

LUNA's SIRE, WHO WHIZ IT, won over $73,000.  watch his video.  His Sire of course is TOPSAIL WHIZ, one of the all-time best reiners.
SWEETHEART'S SIRE, HIGHTONE SWEETHEART HAS 300+ H&P.. He has points if 8 events, including reining, working cow horse, barrel racing and halter.  
He is a World CHampion Sire.
PtHA Champion
CHEX OUT DA PEPPY KID - APHA '10 Gelding 14.3hh

Chex is one gentle little guy. If you’re looking for a horse that is just a big sweetheart, this is him. He is learning to get his neck rein more developed, but will direct rein just fine. With a little time and riding, he is going to be amazing. He is a big puppy dog, and it will be hard to find something that bothers him. Chex learns quickly too, and never gets mad when he is figuring things out. This is the disposition most people are looking for, and he’s got that great color too!
"MOLLY" - GRADE '08 Mare 15hh

Molly is a nice broke mare. She has a good neck rein and is quiet and gentle. She is a great size and would work for kids and beginners. This is a mare who doesn’t get bothered by anything, and she’s really pretty to boot. She’s got great feet, and is built to be used and last. She is a horse that really wants to take care of her rider.

Tweety is a thick hearty-built, nice-made quarter horse. He has a nice neck rein, good stop, and will really back for you. Tweety has a very nice rocking-horse type lope, and has a walk will cover some country. He’s a horse that is very sweet, and is looking for the opportunity to find a friend. Tweety rides great on the trail too! He’s got solid black feet all the way around and will stay sound for you. This is a nice horse!
 "KINGSTON" - GRADE Gelding 14.3hh

Kingston is a sweet black gelding. He's a teenager who has seen it all and is nice and quiet. He has a nice trot and good slow lope. Kingston really moves off your leg, and will side pass. He is a nice riding horse who will take care of you, and would work as a beginner of kid horse. Kingston does well on the trail and travels quietly there too.